Protests and Policing WG

The Protests and Policing Working Group focuses on instances of mass popular and state mobilisations. Concerned with protests, riots, rebellions, occupations, and more, the MMWG is interested in exploring two linked concerns:

1: How mass popular mobilisations function as responses to and resistances against state violence, particularly in urban areas.
2: How mass state mobilisations, normally carried out by the police, function as a particular manifestation of state violence, often its most visible form.

The PPWG takes a critical view of the state and its use of mass mobilisation as a tactic and manifestation of state violence and repression. If you would like to get involved in the work of the group, please email the facilitator, George Francis Bickers, on the following email address:

Protests and Policing Working Group

Upcoming Events: April 2020 [TBC]

Current Projects: To chart, map, and produce collaborative histories and accounts of those elements of the police tasked with and trained for ‘riot control’ and suppression of protest in the world’s major cities, i.e. the NYC Tactical Patrol Force (TPF), London’s Territorial Support Group (TSG), and the Hong Kong Police Tactical Unit (PTU) and Special Tactical Squad (STS).[Under Discussion]

Producing a digital, interactive map of police riots post-1945. Collaboratively produced, this map will also act as a kind of critical digital archive of mass police mobilisations, as well as a visualisation of instances of mass police brutality and the spatial tactics of police mobilisation. [Under Discussion]


George Francis Bickers – facilitator