Membership and Mailing List

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Members List

Hilary Aked – Independent Researcher
Research Interests: State racism; Civil society and social movements; Israel and Palestinian liberation; Counter-terrorism and counter-extremism; Islamophobia

Smina Akhtar – School of Political and Social Sciences, University of Glasgow
Research Interests:  State racism; Social movements; Anti-racist resistance; State theory
State violence; Racial Capitalism; Deaths in custody.

Francesca Barp – University of Lucerne
Research Interests: Border studies; migration studies; walls; racism; radical democracy; political theory; migrant self organization; space and territoriality; bodies; urban struggles; biopolitics; performativity and visibility; gendered power relations; materialist thought.

George Francis Bickers – University of Manchester
SVRN Co-Founder and Facilitator
Research Interests: anarchism; urban space; conflict with the state; police violence and resistance; queer writing; women’s liberation; black power and liberation; the underground press; Mass popular and police mobilisation; veganism; civil defense and/as violence.

Kate Birkbeck – Yale University
Research Interests: Racial capitalism; paramilitary violence; US-state sponsored violence; liberation movements.

Abigail Bleach – University of Manchester
Research Interests: ecocriticism; localism; medievalism; Old English language and literature.

Sarah Bolger – University of Manchester
Research Interests: Gendered and sexual violences against women in women’s fiction in Ireland; Neoliberalism and women’s lives in Ireland during and after the Celtic Tiger; frustrated autonomy in post-Tiger Ireland; subjectivity and subjection in contemporary fiction by Irish women.

Hanno Brankamp – University of Oxford
Research Interests: Policing; militarisation; refugees; displacement; coloniality; camps; state power.

Francesco Buscemi – Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Italy
Research Interests: Civil war; insurgency; Armed non-statutory actors (ANSA); small arms and light weapons (SALW); rebel governance; SALW governance; character and functions of (armed) violence; Myanmar.

Ingri Buer – Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI), University of Manchester
Research Interests: Peace formation; grass-root peace and non-violence projects; social justice; Brazil; favelas; black power and liberation; urban violence; state violence; cultural and structural violence; racism; marginalisation and criminalisation of the poor; crime in relation to peace and conflict studies; peace and conflict studies in the context of urban violence.

Tony Campbell – University of Southampton
Research Interests: Legal observing; activism in Latin American and the UK.

Martin Philip Coward – University of Manchester
Research Interests: Political violence; conflict in urban areas; drone warfare.

Teresa Crew – Bangor University
Research Interests: Victimology; social harm.

Andrew Delatolla – American University in Cairo
Research Interests: LGBTQ rights and activism; race, statehood and state formation; sexual violence; colonialism; Middle East and North Africa.

Bec Devitt – Monash University
Research Interests: Hate speech; state-sponsored violence against minorities; Social Media and Disinformation in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

André C. Drainville – Laval University, Québec City
Research Interests: International political economy; forms of resistance; capitalist globalization; subjectivity; subject formation.

Chris Ealham – SLU Madrid
Research Interests: Social movements; Anarchism; Social and Labour militancy; State repression.

Jasmine Fish – Manchester Metropolitan University
Research Interests: Police and state violence; miscarriages of justice; organised crime; transnational crime; politics of imprisonment; gang cultures; racial justice; feminism.

Gabriel Funari – Center for the Study of Violence, University of Sao Paulo
Research Interests: Police violence; urban violence; paramilitarism; debates challenging state absence/weak governance discourse; anti-black violence in Brazil.

Lorena Gazzoti – Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, and CRASSH
Research Interests: Migration politics; borders, violence, neglect; humanitarianism; development; racism; North Africa; Southern Europe.

Simone Gomes – Universidade Federal de Pelotas
Research Interests: Urban conflict; social movements; police violence; movement’s violence.

Rebecca Ruth Gould – University of Birmingham
Research Interests: Theory and philosophy of violence; the critique of violence; anticolonialism; Muslim resistance to colonial rule (in the Caucuses especially).

Becca Hamilton – University of Cambridge
Research Interests: 19th century American literature; ecocriticism; Anthropocene studies; commodity fictions.

Li Hang – HK Shue Yan University
Research Interests: Political Opportunity and Threat

Kevin Hearty – Queen’s University, Belfast
Research Interests: Political violence; victimology; policing; counter-insurgency; lethal force; Ireland; state violence; critical criminology.

John Henry – University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Research Interests: Environmental protest; Labour militancy; Indigenous sovereignty; Canada and the US; State/Capital suppression of dissidence.

Arin Keeble – Edinburgh Napier University
Research Interests: Contemporary Literature and Culture – Terrorism; Disaster; Neoliberalism; Slow Violence.

Rana Khalaf – Humanitarianism and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI), University of Manchester
Research Interests: Civil society; state formation during conflict; local governance during conflict; women in conflict contexts; peace and conflict; Country focus–Syria.

Colin Wayne Leach – Barnard College/Columbia University
Research Interests: Status and morality in identity, affect, and motivation; cognitive appraisal, emotion, and coping; prejudice, sterotypes, isms; oppression, protest, and resistance; social and political dissensus; meta-theory, methods, statistics; trans-disciplinary approaches (Africana studies, social behavioural systems science, Feminist science).

Sohyung Lim – University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
Research Interests: Spatialities in social movements; state responses and violence regarding catastrophic events; affective geographies in governing emergencies.

Dr Thomas MacManus – Queen Mary, University of London
Research Interests: State crime; Corporate crime

Bharat Malkani – School of Law and Politics, University of Cardiff
Research Interests: Death penalty; retributivism; miscarriages of justice; interactions of human rights law and criminal justice systems; racial justice.

Andrea Michelle Morris – University of Rochester
Research Interests: Civil conflict; terrorism; political violence; the Islamic State; foreign fighters.

Laura Monfleur – Tours University, CITERES, EMAM
Research Interests: Securitization to control public and residential spaces in Downtown, Cairo after the revolution in an authoritarian regime (PhD); Social and political geography, qualitative methods; Repression, militarization of urban spaces, policing, power, practices (adaptation, constraints, resistance, informal), space-time in relation to security and insecurity.

Paul Mukwaya – Makerere University
Research Interests: Maintaining order in capital cities by dominant ruling elites.

Jas Nijjar – Brunel University London
Research Interests: Institutional Racism; Policing; Militarization; State Violence; Incarceration; Racial Capitalism; Anti-Racism; Abolitionism.

Ximena Osorio Garate – Graduate Institute, Geneva (IHEID)
Research Interests: Feminist theory; Postcolonialism; Reproductive violence; STS

Ian Pemberton – University of Manchester
Research Interests: World-Systems; capitalism; imperialism; Post-colonialism; energy humanities; literary representations of combined and uneven development; Arabic literatures and cultures, particularly petrocultures.

Piyush Pushkar – University of Manchester
Research Interests: NHS; state welfare; moral anthropology; accountability.

Marcelo Ryngelblum – Universidade de Sao Paulo
Research Interests: Police brutality; police violence; spatial analysis; state violence; drug abuse; harm reduction; mental health; public health.

Zaynab Seedat – University of York
Research Interests: Terrorism

Azfar Shafi – CAGE
Research Interests: PREVENT; surveillance; counter-terrorism policing.

Tass Sharkawi – Lancaster University
Research Interests: Social movement research; critical citizenship studies; political behaviour; political culture and responses to protest and social movements in authoritarian states; protest and social movements in the Arab world; activist movements of refugees in Europe; extraterritorial protest and social movements.

Jon Shute – University of Manchester
Research Interests: Criminology and mass violence; bereaved family activism; ecocide; syndemics.

Professor Joe Sim – Liverpool John Moores University
Research Interests: Prisons; masculinity; violence

Simon Springer – Newcastle University, Australia
Research Interests: anarchism; Cambodia; critical discourse studies; geographies of violence; homelessness; legal geographies; neoliberalism; unschooling; veganism.

Philip E. Sulter – University of Manchester
SVRN Co-Founder and Facilitator
Research Interests: World-literature; War on Terror; Postcolonialism; Post-Apartheid writing; Protest theatre; Post-9/11 Literature; Terrorism narratives; Technologies of war.

Caio Teixeira – Milano-Bicocca University
Research Interests: Social Movements, Collective Action and Urban Politics.

Emma Tollefsen – University of Manchester
Research Interests: Anthropological ideas of identity and community, State formation; Social organisation and politics; conflict with the state; anarchism; police violence and public resistance; anthropology of space; human rights and cultural relativism; hegemonic relationships.

Carlos van Tongeren – University of Manchester
Research Interests: Post-totalitarian cultures; memories of dictatorial violence; performance arts and activism; art and lived democracy.

Simone Tulumello – University of Lisbon, Institute of Social Sciences, Urban Transitions Hub
Research Interests: Urban security and safety; urban violence; urban fear; crime prevention; security policies; policing; neoliberalism; austerity.

Aylwyn Walsh – University of Leeds/Ministry of Untold Stories
Research Interests: Abolition; prisons; social performance; participation; arts pedagogies; protest; edgework; violence

Lisa White – University of Lincoln
Research Interests: Deaths in policing, prisons, and immigration centres; state violence; racisms; marginalisation; structural violence; social harm; criminal justice as state violence; state violence in Northern Ireland.

Debra V. Wilson – Department of Defence and Security Studies, University of Manitoba/Independent Researcher
Research Interests: UK’s national security modelling; US and counter-terrorism modelling; The FBI, racism, sexism, and the War on Terror; Fear of the Black Woman and US national security; Defining terrorism; Religiosity and national security.

James Yeoman – University of Sheffield
Research Interests: History of anarchism; Radical history